My day job and current projects

I currently work as a cloud infrastructure specialist for Microsoft’s cloud computing platform, Azure. I work with my clients on how to modernize or migrate their workloads and applications to the cloud, taking their requirements and constraints (both business and technical) into consideration. I previously worked as a technical specialist for IBM Cloud.

I’m incredibly passionate about increasing diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. I wrote Women of Color in Tech, for publisher John Wiley & Sons in 2020. WoCIT aims to inspire and inform women of color about the many tech careers out there, how to get them and how to stay in them, given the unique challenges that we face. (info here). I’m currently co-authoring my next book, Innovating for Diversity with NPower CEO Bertina Ceccarelli, and serve as host/producer of Wiley’s Diversity in Tech Webinar Series.

When possible, I volunteer my time to several organizations that seek to advance women and people of color into technical careers. I currently serve as Chair of the Advancing Tech Talent and Diversity Executive Council for CompTIA and as a coalition member for NPower’s Command Shift initiative.

Disclaimer: All thoughts and views expressed on this website, and any of Susanne’s appearances are that of Susanne Tedrick and are not endorsed by any of Susanne’s current or former employers, or any professional organizations where Susanne may be affiliated.