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Systers Tech Talk: Foundations of Cloud Computing

Systers Tech Talk: Foundations of Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to give a webinar for Systers (the online community for women in technical professions founded by Anita Borg) on cloud computing.

Aside from it being the technology space I currently work in, I gave the talk because the term itself is quite a bit, but the name doesn’t bring you any closer to understanding what it is. Additionally, one vendor’s meaning of cloud computing can be radically different than others, and terms like “hybrid cloud”, “multicloud”, etc. add more to the confusion.

To alleviate some of this confusion, my webinar uses the National Institute Standards and Technology’s (or NIST) definition of the term. The webinar explains in more detail what these characteristics mean, the different types of cloud deployment models, and for those interested, potential career paths within cloud and how to prepare for them.

You can check the video from the webinar here on YouTube under the Systers TechTalk Playlist.

Systers Tech Talk – Foundations of Cloud Computing