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Wiley Diversity in Tech Webinar Series
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Wiley Diversity in Tech Webinar Series

Wiley Diversity in Tech Webinar Series

I’m thrilled and honored to announce that ‘ve partnered with Wiley to produce and host a bi-monthly webinar series on diversity in tech!

The series, which debuted in May, will focus on the different dimensions of diversity and how we all can collectively work together not only to create diverse workforces within the tech industry but to build inclusive environments and organizations to foster diverse workforces.

I have always believed that “diversity in tech” isn’t just about having employees of different genders, races and ethnicities. It’s also about diversity of age, physical ability, culture, religion… even education and life experiences. What I hope to have from each session is to think about these different forms of diversity, why this level of diversity is vital for the industry, and how can we cultivate opportunities in tech for everyone, not just for a few.

The first webinar took place on Thursday, May 13, titled “Building Better Allies”. Allyship is often cited as an integral component to increasing diversity within tech. But what does it mean to be an ally? What behaviors and actions do “good” allies demonstrate?

A replay of the webinar is available here to watch:

I was joined by senior professionals from across the tech industry who I strongly believe exemplify what allyship looks like in action:

Marc Bulandr – Global Solutions Principal, Verizon Business Group

Marc brings over 20 years of industry software and professional services sales and leadership experience.

Bertina Ceccarelli – CEO, NPower

NPower is a national nonprofit empowering under-represented talent to succeed in tech careers by teaching the digital and professional skills demanded by the marketplace and connecting graduates to jobs.

Val Haskell – Chair, Advancing Tech Talent & Diversity Executive Council, CompTIA

Val is dedicated to increasing diversity, equity and inclusion in the tech industry.

Kirk Yamatani – CEO, Generation Esports & Video Game Consulting

Kirk is a positive inspirational leader and visionary entrepreneur with a passion for business and building solutions and teams. He had a vast background from law enforcement to CEO of tech companies